Door Lock

A new keypad deadbolt has been installed at The Black Squirrel Farmhouse. No key is necessary to get in or to lock the door when you leave. If you have booked a stay, you will receive a code for entry a few days before arrival. If the battery in the lock goes dead before we’ve noticed, there is a key available to use for the property, so you can still get in. Scroll down for key information.

Keypad Instructions

  • To unlock the door, enter your code. Turn the dead bolt to the right to unlock. Then turn the door handle to open door.
  • To lock the deadbolt, fully close the door, push SCHLAGE button at top of keypad, and turn dead bolt to lock. 
  • At night, to activate keypad lights, push the SCHLAGE button at top of the keypad.
  • Flashing red: If lights flash red, the wrong code was entered. Wait until it’s clear (no lights) and enter your code again. 

Key Instructions

If the key is needed, it is in the lockbox hanging on the wall next to the door. The code for the lockbox is the first 3 digits of your entry code. To open the lockbox, turn the dial numbers to match your code. Then, push on the front door of the box and it will pop open. If the key is needed please call, text or email the property manager ASAP so we can get the battery changed.