For Guests

Thank you for being a guest of The Black Squirrel Farmhouse. This 1840s farmhouse was completely renovated in the spring of 2019. The weather in Wisconsin can be cold and soggy in the spring, and because of the rain and snow we’ve had, the landscaping has been delayed.

We thank you for your patience as you bear with us as we add our trees, plants and grass when weather permits. This will certainly beautify the property.

To make your stay at The Black Squirrel Farmhouse, we’ve listed some helpful tips here.

  1. House rules
  2. Self check-in process: A few days before your stay with us, you will be emailed a code for you to unlock the door.
  3. Door lock instructions
  4. Local Urgent Care/Hospitals
  5. Nearby Activities (restaurants, shopping, things to do, etc.)